A long time ago, I went to University. I had a grand old time and met a bunch of really cool people. So good friends were they, that when it came to leave Uni and find my place in the world, I decided to stick around and remain friends with them.

I wasn't the first to think along those lines and I wasn't the last. Every year, new students turned up and made the same discovery - admittedly with a different subset of people in the group. The thing that has changed since my arrival is that the group has grown beyond it's original student roots.

And it's also expanded beyond the little town where it all started. Which is significant as up until recently, I thought the location was kinda important. It was after all where the majority of us all lived. But I've come to realise that it isn't that important because we could all move to another location and nothing really would change. The important factor is that we're still a part of the same group.

It's important because it helps define what the group is. I haven't spent much time studying sociology, but I had thought that the group was a community. But having given it some thought, I've come to realise we're more of a tribe. We're a collection of people who aren't really tied to any one location any more.